Niagara Strong Events

5K Foam Festival

Niagara Strong at 5K Foam Fest Brock University

Here we are representing Niagara Strong at the 5K Foam Festival in Brock University! This was the first time any of us had attended a run like this and it's safe to say that all of us are excited for the next run!

Food & Craft Beer Festival

 Niagara Strong was invited to Montebello Park for the first annual Niagara Food and Craft Beer Festival. We were spreading around lots of information on resources people can utilize for mental health support. We had fliers and posters set up around the entire festival to spread as much awareness as we could, we were also able to sell a lot of Niagara Strong Apparel as well. We are looking forward to coming back next year!

Niagara Quartermaster Airsoft Fest 

Niagara Quartermaster Airsoft Fest 2019

On April 13, 2019 we had the incredible opportunity to be a part of Niagara Quartermaster's first Airsoft Festival! This was a huge family friendly event with a lot of fun games to play and a variety of different airsoft teams on display. The airsoft community is a very welcoming, caring group and we are looking forward to the next incredible event.

Peach King Youth Dance 

Take a look at Niagara Strong's First Fundraising Event in Grimsby! We organized a youth dance for elementary school students at the Peach King Centre in Beamsville. The dance was a huge success and we are looking forward to arrange more dances for the youth in the near future.